Do You Want a Thick, Lush Lawn?

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How would having a lush, green, and well-maintained lawn enhance your property? With Shepard Turf Management, you can discover how rewarding a beautiful, healthy lawn can be in your Southeastern Massachusetts or Cape Cod home. Our residential and commercial landscaping experts have over 43 years of experience in Westport, Mattapoisett & Fall River, MA, and surrounding areas, so we know just what it takes to create a beautiful lawn and provide great turf care.



Keep your lawn trim and neat all year long

High-end landscaping company | Westport, Mattapoisett & Fall River, MA

Do you want to maintain an immaculate lawn without toiling away in the yard all weekend? Shepard Turf Management is a full-service landscaping company, so we can handle all of your lawn maintenance needs. Visit our Lawn Care page for more information about our services and call today to request your free estimate.

Give your lawn the extra support it needs

Lawn fertilizing and lawn turf care for Westport, Mattapoisett & Fall River, MA

You only need lawn maintenance services if your grass and plants are healthy, and we can help you with that, too. After 43 years of working with plants and landscapes in the Westport, Mattapoisett & Fall River, MA area, we understand the soil conditions of the area and how to maximize growth potential.

Check out our Fertilization and Organics page to learn more about how we can enhance your lawn with fertilization, insect/disease management, irrigation, turf care, and more. We develop custom landscaping plans to accommodate your desired result and your budget - call today to get started.

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