Enjoy a Flawless Lawn Year Round in Westport, Mattapoisett & Fall River, MA

Lawn maintenance service for the Southcoast

You don't have to spend your Saturdays toiling away in the yard to sport a well-maintained yard your neighbors will envy. Shepard Turf Management offers high end landscaping services to provide a healthy, clean and aesthetically pleasing landscape to residents throughout the Westport, Mattapoisett & Fall River, MA area.

Call today to speak with a local lawn care expert to create a specific program to fit your lawn maintenance needs. Programs can including:

•Spring/fall cleanup
•Weed control
•Flowerbed installation
•Lime/gypsum applications

Programs will be built upon individual needs with regards to growing environment and use of the turf areas. Trust our experienced lawn care specialists to execute all of your necessary lawn maintenance and recommend the best ways to keep your property looking neat and healthy. Call today to request your free estimate on lawn care services in Massachusetts.